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Champions League Review Part 1


Juventus 0 vs. 3 Real Madrid 

Similar to last seasons Champions League Final Juventus capitulated to Real Madrid and a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. 

As early as the 3rd minute Isco received the ball on the left and crossed it into the box for Ronaldo to apply a poacher’s finish. The rest of the first half petered out as both teams fought for position without really posing any threat to each other. 

Madrid showed up in the second half with another gear to their play, they dominated position and attacked the Juventus goal with consistency. The breakthrough came in the 64th minute when a rare misunderstanding between Buffon and Chiellini allowed Ronaldo to get in on goal. Buffon was able to recover but Ronaldo kept it alive and the ball fell to Carvajal on the right, Carvajal whipped in a cross and Ronaldo scored a goal of the season contender with a bicycle kick to give Real Madrid a comfortable lead. Dybala was sent off in the 66th minute for a second yellow, and in the 72nd minute brilliant interplay between Marcelo and Ronaldo ended with a good finish by Marcelo to give Madrid a 3rd away goal. 

In all honesty the tie is most likely over. For Juventus to stand a chance to make a comeback they would have required at least two goals to be scored on their behalf. They now will go to the Bernabéu needing to score a minimum of three goals without reply from Madrid to take the fixture to extra time. 

Ronaldo is now the leading goal scorer in Europe this season and has silenced anyone who doubted his ability. Madrid and Zidane are on course to reach the semis of this seasons Champions League. 

Sevilla 1 vs. 2 Bayern Munich 

Sevilla once again proved that they are no push overs in this season’s Champions League with an impressive attacking performance in Seville, only to be edged out by a resilient display by Bayern. 

One yellow card each in the first 15 minutes set off what turned out to be balanced fixture. Sevilla gained the lead in the 32nd minute when a Escudero cross was smartly finished by Sarabia on the left hand side. Whether Sarabia had handled the ball in his first touch is debatable, but nevertheless the goal was given. 

Ribéry had been causing problems down right side throughout the game and an attempted cross in the 37th minute led to an goal by Navas to bring Bayern back into the game give them a crucial away goal. 

The second half was equally balanced but a Ribéry cross in the 68th minute was headed home by Alcântara to give Bayern the win and two away goals to take to Munich. 

The fixture at the moment is in favour of Bayern Munich who have been dominant all season at home. Sevilla need to score a minimum of two goals in Munich if they are to stand a chance of winning the game. Bayern will feel confident with the away goals and a solid defensive display at home to compliment a goal or two could be enough to take them to semi final. 

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