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Real Madrid 2 vs. 2 Bayern Munich SF L2 Review

Real Madrid are through to the final but only just.

Football is cruel depending on what side of the fixture you are on. Bayern again dominated the game in Madrid as Kimmich gave Bayern the lead in the 2nd minute. Real Madrid responded with a goal by Benzema in the 10th minute. Bayern continued to dominate until the half time whistle as Real players were run ragged. As play resumed a back pass was made to Bayern goalkeeper Ulreich, Ulreich slipped thereby allowing Benzema to latch on and give Real the lead in the 45th minute. Still Bayern dominated and Rodriguez equalised for Bayern against his parent club but it was in vain as Real battled out the result. 

If one were to look at the stats over the two games it would show that Bayern dominated both games. Bayern had 39 shots at goal compared to Real’s 15. Real have been far from great this season but they have shown a quality in the Champions League that I had not seen before and that is to grind out results and win ugly. PSG, Juventus, and now Bayern, Real are a Liverpool or Roma away from winning a third successive Champions League. Bayern will look to rebuild in the summer, they need to bring back their ruthlessness in front of goal and while they have shown it in the Bundesliga for 6 seasons now they have lacked it in the Champions League. Ulreich will see his slip in his nightmares but even the best have slipped up so he should not be too disappointed. Madrid were poor and against a team with the agility and pace of Liverpool they could have some serious competition. 

As the 17-18 season enters its final month we have our first Champions League finalist, we will soon find out whether Roma or Liverpool join Madrid. 

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