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AS Roma 4 vs. 2 Liverpool SF L2 Review

That was close.

Liverpool fans must be highly prone to heart attacks. In what was a highly entertaining game Liverpool came out on top albeit narrowly to reach the Champions League Final against Real Madrid. 

Having fielded strong lineups, both teams looked to attack each other. Roma were dominant in the opening minutes and for large parts of the game but it never looked like Liverpool would fail to reach the final. Mané gave Liverpool the lead in the 9th minute after a classic Liverpool attack. A comical Milner own goal restored balance to the scoreline but Wijnaldum scored in the 25th minute to restore the lead for Liverpool going into half time. 

Edin Dzeko managed to equalise in the 52nd minute leaving Roma to score 3 goals to take the game to extra time. Nainggolan managed to scored two in the final 5 minutes but Roma ran out of time to score a 3rd and so were knocked out. 

Luck plays a major factor in cup competitions and this time luck was not on Roma’s side. Roma were denied two clear penalties, the first when Dzeko was brought down by Karius, and a second when Alexander-Arnold saved a shot with his hands (unintentionally). Over the course of the semi-final stage a case can be made that teams don’t prioritise defending anymore. It seems that it is all about the attacking flair and who can outscore the other. Liverpool were clinical and so outscored Roma. The same can be said in the case of Real and Bayern. 

We now wait for the final in Kyiv on the 27th of May, and based on the evidence of the semi-final’s the team that keep the most goals out will win. Will it be the experience of Real or the exuberance of Liverpool that lift the trophy? Messi might have gone unbeaten and won La Liga but it is nothing new in his case. The winner of the champions league final could also add bearing to the person who wins the Ballon D’Or. 

A great game to end the football season, but for now all focus is turned to the league and CHELSEA!!!. 

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