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World Cup Day 2 Preview

Four games on Day 2!

Group C

France vs. Australia

The first game of Group C comes between France and Australia. Australia have a decent squad but it is nothing compared to the players at France’s disposal. Expectations are that France will open their account with three points and a dominant victory. The only weak link in France’s team could ironically be their goalkeeper Hugo Lloris who susceptible to poor moments. France will win this game. 

Peru vs. Denmark

One the interesting games during the day Peru and should offer a close contest for the fans to watch. On paper Denmark should win the game but Peru will not shy away and have nothing to lose, Peru’s fans are also out in full force and will be an impressive 12th man. The game is too close to call and the result could vary. 

Group D

Argentina vs. Iceland

Iceland impressed at the Euros in 2016 and will be hoping to do so once more on the world stage. Argentina were finalists in the 2014 World Cup but lost to an impressive German side, Messi will be hoping that Argentina get off to a good start in what could be his final World Cup. Argentina are not the most reliable of teams and many a times the team relies on Messi, if Messi has a good game Argentina will do well if he goes missing then the result could be far closer. 

Croatia vs. Nigeria

Croatia have been impressive during the friendlies and come up against a Nigerian side who has not done as well to prepare for the World Cup. Nigeria have several top players and will be hoping to upset a Croatian team who is not short of talent either. The winner of this game could gain a massive advantage to decide who finishes in the top two and so this game will be too close to call.  

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