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World Cup Day 3 Preview

Upsets or routine victories?

Group E

Costa Rica vs. Serbia

Costa Rica vs Serbia seems like a straight forward victory for the Serbs but 2014 showed the Costa Rica can mix it with the best. While Brazil are mostly nailed on as one of the teams to qualify from the group this game could be massive in deciding which of the teams qualify along with them. Serbia have all the talent but Costa Rica have the grit and determination and will be encouraged by previous displays. This game should be close and could go down to a goal here or there. 

Brazil vs. Switzerland

This should be a straight forward victory for Brazil. Switzerland have quality players in their squad but Brazil are at another level and Neymar and co should be able to strut their stuff. Brazil to gain three points. 

Group F

Germany vs. Mexico

Germany were shown to be shaky in the friendlies prior to the World Cup and Mexico will feel that the Germans could be exploited. The current World Champions and Confederation Cup winners should not be discarded and with a group that includes South Korea and Sweden they will need to be at their best to qualify from the group. Germany have enough squad depth to gain the three points but whether they are able to get them, we will have to wait and watch. 

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