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World Cup Day 8 Preview

Must wins for several teams.

Group D

Nigeria vs. Iceland

Iceland continued their good form in cup competitions by achieving a point against Argentina in their first game while Nigeria were easily defeated by Croatia. For both teams this is must win game and probably the more equal fixtures of the ones they will play. Based on what was on show in the first round of games Iceland could add three points to their tally as Nigeria were poor at times against Croatia. 

Group E

Brazil vs. Costa Rica

This game comes as must win for both teams, Brazil were poor as they only managed a point against Switzerland while Costa Rica played well but lost due to a brilliant free kick by Kolarov. Brazil should win on paper and probably will but if they play as they did in round 1 then Costa Rica could get one over the Brazilians. 

Serbia vs. Switzerland

Serbia were the only team to manage a win in Group E for the first round of games and showed their defensive proficiency in doing so. Switzerland did well to fight for their point against Brazil but will have to aim for three points against the Serbs. Serbia showed their calibre but will have to work hard to break the Swiss defence. Switzerland will have to play on the front foot for this game. 

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