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World Cup Day 11 Preview

Who makes it through Group B?

Group A

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt

With both teams failing to win their first two games this is their last chance to register points on the board for this World Cup. A final of sorts the teams will be fighting for pride and Egypt should have enough to end this tournament with a win and go home with three points to their name. 

Uruguay vs. Russia

The group leaders face off in the final game to see who will finish first and second, both teams have managed to win but Russia has been the more impressive of the two. It should be a close game and the winner can set themselves up nicely for the knockout round. 

Group B

Iran vs. Portugal

A win for either team would send them into the next round while a draw would be enough for Portugal as well. Ronaldo has been the star man for his team and if Portugal can score early then it would make the Iranians have to come out to score. The longer the game remains goalless it would work in Iran’s favour and would make the Portuguese have to come out. Iran have done well to win a game but if they can win they could reach the round of 16 but Portugal are favourites. 

Spain vs. Morocco

Morocco were unlucky to not win their game against Portugal while Spain just managed to get past Iran in their previous game. Spain are one of the tournament favourites and a win or a draw could potentially see them through to the next round. Morocco can not go farther in the competition but a win against Spain would leave them with a good taste and allow the to go home with some pride. 

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