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World Cup R16 Day 2 Preview

Two clear winners?

Spain vs. Russia

On paper this should be a clear win for Spain but if the group stage is anything to go by then it could be a tight affair. Russia did well to win their first two games but were thrashed by Uruguay in their final game to leave a sour taste in their mouth. Spain had a lacklustre group stage drawing two of their three games but still finishing first based on goal difference. Spain lost their manager prior to the World Cup and have seemed out of sorts in the competition, while Russia were poor leading up to the competition they have turned up in the last few weeks. It should be a close game and while it would be great if Russia shocked Spain and beat them, the current odds are that Spain might edge into the Quarter-Finals. 

Croatia vs. Denmark

On paper or on the pitch this should be a win for Croatia. Croatia have been the dark horses in this World Cup winning all three of their games and thrashing Argentina in the group stage. Denmark meanwhile won one and drew two of their games while one of those was a 0-0 draw with France. Croatia are too strong and this in all likelihood will be the end of Denmark’s journey in the competition. 

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