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World Cup QF Day 1 Preview

Europe or South America?

Uruguay vs. France

Uruguay beat Portugal with relative ease even as the scoreline was 2-1. They have only conceded one goal this whole tournament and after a first game in which they struggled to win Cavani and Suarez have got into their groove. France beat Argentina in a thrilling game which had ups and downs for the French national team. The game was a coming of age performance from Mbappé and on the biggest stage he has shown that he is more than up for the task. This game will depend on who scores first, both teams have quality around the park and if France score first then the game could open up while if Uruguay score first then we might see a park the bus performance from the South American side. France to edge into the semi-finals in a close game. 

Brazil vs. Belgium

Brazil have improved as the tournament has progressed and they have scored two goals in three consecutive games while not conceding even one. Belgium were ruthless in the group stages in what was a relatively easy progression into the knockout stages, even the England game was more of a warm up then anything else. Brazil played Mexico in the Round of 16 and after a shaky start to the game they easily brushed outside their opposition. Belgium played a brilliant Japan side who were leading 2-0 till the 70th minute only for Belgium to show great resilience and experience to comeback and win 3-2 in extra time. These times have little separating them on the pitch as both have skill around the park. It is a test for both sides as they have suffered in recent competitions and the one that progresses will probably become one of the favourites for the competition. Brazil are great but Neymar’s play acting as put a real sour taste in some people’s mouths and personally being a Chelsea fan Willian’s continuous digs at Conte have really brought him down in my opinion. Bias aside it should be a close game but they way Belgium came back against Japan I could see them reach the Semi Finals but only by a goal or two. 

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