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World Cup QF Day 2 Preview

These games will be close!

Sweden vs. England

Sweden won thanks to a deflected goal while England did what they have never done and won a penalty shootout. Out of the two teams England showed more promise in their performance and there is a feeling that this teams is unlike England teams of old. Sweden are physical and will use that to try to impose themselves on England but this England team have shown themselves to be versed in the dark arts of football. Sweden have done well to reach the Quarter Finals but the momentum is with England, England should win in what will be a close game and personally the only way England can lose is if they make themselves lose. 

Russia vs. Croatia

Russia have had an extraordinary run in the competition and have gone against everyone’s expectations. Croatia have been similarly impressive although their quality has not provided a similar shock. To reach the semi-finals of the competition would be great for Russia as it is their home nation but Croatia have held on to results when they have had to and have thrashed teams like they did against Argentina. On an ordinary day I would say that this is an easy win for Croatia but Russia were impressive against Spain and so this will be another close game which might go down to penalties. Too close to call. 

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