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France 1 vs. 0 Belgium World Cup SF Review

The better team won.

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France 1 vs. 0 Belgium

Belgium started the better of the two sides in the semi-final and for the opening 20 minutes they dominated possession and created several chances but failed to convert them. France slowly grew into the game and while Belgium were playing a more possession based game France preferred to play on the counter. The first half went through without any major talking points just a lot of missed chances by both sides. A corner in the 51st minute led to Umtiti’s powerful header which gave France the lead. France continued to counter but failed to convert their chances, Belgium began to keep hold of the ball but failed to enter the penalty box. Giroud clearly fouled Hazard right outside the box in the latter stages of the game but the foul was not given. This further aggravated the Belgium’s and similar to how Chelsea play they kept of hold of the ball without creating any chances. At the end of the game the better team won, the referee did make some dubious decisions but France were clinical and took their chance. Hazard ran the show but was not at his clinical best while De Bruyne and Lukaku were non existent for large parts of the game. Belgium still have a youthful side and most of these players will at least play another World Cup, hopefully the experience will do them well. 

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France enter the final as heavy favourites and after having reached the Euro 2016 final as well we might be seeing an era of French dominance. 

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