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Croatia 2 vs. 1 England World Cup SF Review

It’s not coming home.


Croatia 2 vs. 1 England

It’s not coming home, while as the tournament it started to look increasingly likely. England got the perfect start to the game as Trippier scored a Beckhamesque free-kick to give the British a lead in the 5th minute. England continued to dominate the whole first half creating several chances to double or triple the scoreline but not being clinical enough. As England came out for the second half still in the lead Croatia had begun to grow into the game and Modrić was beginning to run the show from midfield. Perisić scored a brilliant goal to equalise in the 68th minute and England began for the first time in this tournament to dwindle. The game stretched to extra time and Mandzukić gave Croatia the lead in the 109th minute having a scored a poacher’s goal. England tried to get back into the game but as the stat’s showed Croatia were comfortably dominating all areas of the pitch at that point. England bow out, at the beginning of the tournament expectations were that if they got out of the group stage then they would have done well. England exceeded those expectations with an inexperienced squad who managed to reach the Semi-finals. For England it will hurt but this tournament will provide much needed experience to the players and for the upcoming Euros in two years and the World Cup in four years they should be raring to go. Croatia have been the dark horses and they have managed to reach the final against France, defensively they have been strong and they have managed to pull through in every occasion. Belgium against England for the third place game while the final follows on the next day. 

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