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Conte Leaves Chelsea.

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Chelsea Football Club officially parted ways with Antonio Conte on Friday. It was something that was in the pipeline since December and was inevitable even though Conte won the FA Cup in May. There was a hope that Conte and Chelsea would patch up and build on their success over two season but the positivity of the 16/17 season was followed by a toxic 17/18 season. 

Problems stemmed from the 17/18 summer transfer window in which the whole text message affair with Costa and targets not being acquired by Chelsea for Conte left a sour taste in both parties mouths. What followed was a season in which several parties could be blamed, the board for not supporting their manager and the manager for prolonging the negativity when he should have concentrated on the football. 

Conte returned for pre-season training earlier this month but more so out of courtesy because if had not then Chelsea could have blamed him for not fulfilling his job. Chelsea’s official message to Conte on the website was terse to say the least as it only contained a paragraph and not even a thank you. What could have been an amazing relationship ended in bitter disappointment but Conte should be remembered for his 16/17 season and literally grabbing the Chelsea players by the neck and turning our team into a ruthless side once again. Conte revolutionised English football with his three at the back formation and it’s impact could be seen in this summers World Cup. 

Antonio Conte will always remain one my favourites managers at Chelsea Football Club, and I hope we see him back in management soon (preferably not in the Premier League). 

Grazie Antonio!





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