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France vs. Croatia World Cup Final Preview

Feel the magic in the air!

France vs. Croatia

France play Croatia in the final of the World Cup. At the beginning of the tournament I felt that France could be one of the teams to reach the final, but I never expected Croatia to reach it. France have beaten top teams to reach the final and in all honesty are favourites to lift the trophy on Sunday. Croatia have been dark horses throughout and have shown two sides to their gameplay, being able to pulverise teams while also being able to grind out results through penalties. France and Croatia had a counter attacking approach to their semi-finals and I expect the same for the final as well. If a goal is scored early then expect the game to be an open affair while if the game drags out without a goal then expect it to be a cagier game. After the disappointment at the Euros 2 years ago France will be taking this final very seriously and in all honesty even though Croatia have done extremely well to reach this far I can only see France lifting the trophy. France to win but it should be a physical and tough match for both teams. 

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