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Welcome Maurizio Sarri!

Italian no 6.

Chelsea officially announced former Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri as their new head coach today. I could have written plenty of articles over the past two months on the ups and downs of this deal but felt that it would be better just to wait. Finally the day has come. 

Antonio Conte’s departure was certain as early as December and since May Chelsea had been in discussions with Napoli over Sarri. Contract negotiations had been concluded in May itself but the negotiations with Napoli and their boss De Laurentiis turned out to be a whole different ball game. Chelsea initially refused to pay the 8 million euro buyout clause in Sarri’s contract which concluded in June and left Chelsea and Napoli in a stalemate. Chelsea began to look at other options such as Enrique, Blanc, and Jokanovic, out of these negotiations with Blanc actually reached an advanced stage. Though the higher ups at Chelsea put pressure on Marina to conclude the deal of Sarri and so negotiations were reopened with ADL. 

This began the month and a half long process of ADL and Chelsea playing hard ball and finally agreeing on a deal last week. Chelsea would purchase Jorginho from Napoli and would get Sarri in what would be a deal worth 60 mil. In return Chelsea promised ADL that they would not try to poach players from Napoli by paying their buy out clauses. A gentleman’s agreement was struck and Sarri was allowed to travel to London to conclude talks with Chelsea. Today morning ADL signed the gentleman’s agreement and Sarri was officially announced as our new Manager. 

The commonality between all the managerial targets was the fact that they played an attacking brand of football, and Sarri arguably plays the best of the lot. A further article will detail Sarri’s tactics and approach to football but for now we could finally see Chelsea change from our pragmatic style of football to a way more attacking one. The factor that cannot be overlooked is that patience will be needed. 

Benvenuto Maurizio Sarri! 




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