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Chelsea vs. Manchester City Preview

Just want the team to play well.

In recent weeks there have been alot of questions raised about Sarri and his philosophy and whether he needs a Plan B blah blah blah. Chelsea must have the most reactionary fan base in the league because as long as everything is going well we are the best but even if something goes a bit wrong we suddenly call for the managers head. As far as these things are concerned I stick to what I have said in the past that the manager is not to blame for Chelsea’s misgivings. The players are not fit for Sarri’s style and the board need to back him otherwise we will end up in the same position we always do and that is finding a new manager. It’s all relative because Pep was given the same sort of flack by the media and fans in his first season only for him to dominate football in England in the next two seasons. The same can be said for Sarriball and that is give the manager time and the players needed and Chelsea will reap the rewards. 

As far as the match preview is concerned I don’t think anything needs to be said about City. 13 wins and 2 draws as the sit at the top of the table having scored 45 goals in 15 games. Pep’s team is ticking and while retaining the Premier League is a major task I think the main priority for Pep this season should be taking City to the latter stages of the Champions League as that would truly make them into an elite side. Chelsea were poor against Wolves after about 60 minutes and our problem remains that when we create chances we do not finish them. Our shots to on target shots ratio is not great and that is an area that will only improve if our players improve or we buy new ones. The community shield clash between these two sides was at a very early stage of Sarriball with man players missing on Chelsea’s side, and while we are still in the early stages of Sarriball the result will showcase how much work we need to do to challenge City. It would be great if Chelsea win that is all I want for us to beat City and Sarri to prove that he needs to be given time but that should happen regardless of the result. City are the team in form and have everything to lose with Liverpool only two points behind them. Chelsea are in a hot fight with Arsenal and Tottenham for the remaining two Champions League places and its a game in which we need to prove our worth. 

Chelsea Team Preview

I know that Sarri is giving a chance to the players playing poorly but I think this game against City is not one of those times. Emerson needs to play, and Pedro needs to start alongside Giroud if Hudson-Odoi wont be given a chance. Loftus-Cheek should start alongside Jorginho, and Kante in the midfield and while Christensen was not poor against Wolves, Luiz will probably return alongside Rudiger.

Man City Team Preview

Aguero and De Bruyne will be missing for Pep’s side while everyone else is mostly available. You can never really predict who Pep will chose to start for him such is the squad depth at his disposal.

Starting XI Prediction



A close game as they always our at Stamford Bridge and hopefully it’s a positive one for Chelsea. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!.

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