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Higuain Signs For Chelsea!

It took some time but Higuain is finally a blue!

It was around 2am in the morning on Thursday when the phone buzzed and the notification said that Chelsea had finally signed Gonzalo Higuain. Higuain has been a player Sarri wanted since the summer but the club made him try and improve Morata, and Giroud. That has gone a bit south and so Marina and the board dived in to get a complicated deal done for Higuain. 

Background – 

Gonzalo Higuain is an Argentinian-French striker who started out at River Plate, before he moved to Real Madrid in 2007. At Real he perhaps had is best seasons once Ronaldo had joined the club. Higuain left for Napoli in 2013 where he first played under Benitez and then set a goal record under Sarri. That great season got him a move to Juventus in 2016 where he still managed 20+ goals and trophies something he didn’t manage with frequency at Napoli. Once Juventus signed Ronaldo in the summer of 2018 and so Higuain was loaned out to Milan for the first half of this season. At Milan in a weaker squad Higuain only managed 8 goals in 22 games and so Sarri and Chelsea came calling and we managed to get him. Higuain has scored more than 300+ goals for clubs and country and is in the top 5 goal scorers in Europe since the 06/07 season. 

How the deal got done – 

The deal took most of the transfer window because like last January Chelsea were involved in triple striker swap and this time it involved negotiating with Milan and Juventus. Chelsea don’t like to sign players over 30 and getting a 31 year old Higuain is not their mo but Higuain was adamant and in a lot ways it made sense. Higuain was the only striker in the market who has the potential to make an instant impact in Sarri’s system. So after much negotiating Milan let Higuain go on Wednesday morning once Piatek was inbound to Milan from Genoa. To take in Higuain we also needed to let a striker go and that should be Morata who is likely to move to Atletico Madrid on an initial loan. The deal for Higuain is a 6 month loan in which we pay pay his full wages with an option to extend to 2020 for 18 million or to buy him out right for 36 million. The Italian media states that if Higuain helps Chelsea reach certain targets then the option is more of an obligation but we figure that out once we reach the summer. 

All in all Higuain under Sarri is a pairing that has worked before and Higuain does score goals wherever he goes. Higuain has taken the number 9 and while it is believed to be cursed if ever there was a player to break that curse it would be the Argentine. Buying players over 30 is a myth these days because not long ago players over 30 were bought quite frequently and performed very well. Higuain should bring goals and while he is not a permanent solution it would be great if he did well and kept him along as a second striker for next season.

Welcome to Chelsea Gonzalo Higuain!!!





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