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Chelsea vs. Huddersfield Preview

Reactionary fans and a chance to bounce back from a dismal performance. 

There was no review for the Bournemouth game because there was nothing to review. Chelsea were their usual selfs in the first half as we dominated possession but failed to score, and in the second half the players downed tools and we got thrashed 4-0. The fallout again has been negative as the fans have become Sarri out once again, while the players are again frustrated that they are not scoring. My stance is the same as it was when we lost to Arsenal and that is that while Sarri is stubborn and is partly to blame, the players are the main problem and they are just not cut out to play for Chelsea Football Club anymore. Sarri locked the players in the dressing room for 50 minutes after the game in what was a civilised inquest into what happened. Sarri then took a separate car home and was confronted by fans to whom he apologised for losing so badly. Sarri does not deserve and we as fans do not deserve this. The players have to take responsibility, too many times have they downed tools under previous managers and this group of players has become toxic. Sarri has to stay and needs to build a new squad for us to challenge again. Sarri stated that he doesn’t know why the players are not motivated but they have not been motivated for some time. Sarri needs to manage with the current crop of players and then conduct a clear out of the squad and yes if that means that Hazard goes that is fine as well, nothing is bigger than the club.

Our chance to respond comes against Huddersfield who are bottom of the table. Huddersfield manage to draw against us last season and we similar to them need to win if we want to re enter the top four. We also need to beat them by more than a couple of goals to make sure that our goal difference is restored. We beat Huddersfield 0-3 in the reverse fixture in which Kante, Jorginho and Pedro scored the goals. 

Chelsea Team Preview

Chelsea have a full squad to select from, CHO should start ahead of Willian and Pedro with Higuain and Hazard playing alongside him. RLC should join Kante, and Jorginho in the midfield, and Emerson, Rudiger and Azpi should also start although we might see Christensen play ahead of Luiz. Kepa should be in goal. I would like to see a switch in formation maybe a 4-2-3-1 but that might be asking too much at the moment. 

Huddersfield Team Preview

With Jan Siewart in charge of the club, he is still trying to find his starting XI but with fixture congestion and tired players the starting XI should consist of the whole squad.

Starting XI Prediction

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-01 at 2.31.15 PM.jpeg


Every game is a must game win this season and this game is nothing less, Chelsea have to bounce back and with force. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!


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