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Manchester City 6 vs. 0 Chelsea Review

Yeah I never thought I would type a scoreline like this. 

This fixture last season was depressing because we never had the ball but we were defensive and so lost 1-0. This season we had the ball but because we were offensive we lost 6-0. Conte stated that it was his tactic and he did not want to get humiliated 3 or 4 nil. Sarri stated that the only way he knows is his style but really the reason we lost yesterday was because of individual mistakes and not tactical faults. Yes, Sarri could have picked a more positive lineup and if he is continuing to pick the same players because of the whole 14 player thing then he is messing up. Sterling scored two, Aguero scored a hattrick and Gundogan added one more and really there is no point of doing a player review or game review of any sorts. Pep stated it best in his post match press conference in which he said that a new philosophy takes time and there is a point where you have inconsistent results but the only reason he joined City was that the owners backed him and did not come to reactionary conclusions based on the result. 

At the end of the day I will reiterate that patience is needed and for once like I said under Conte last season we need to stick with the manager and not the players. The players need to go several of them are pas their prime and we need to bring in new and hungry players. In some positions we have plenty of options on loan and in others we need to buy but like I said after Bournemouth Sarri needs to be backed and these players need to leave. If Sarri gets the sack there is no point demanding anything more from this football club. We wanted an attacking style of football but the defensive tactics have been drilled into the squad to such an extent that it will take time. Still only a point behind top four with a lot to play for, support the manager and nothing else. Chelsea head to Sweden next to face Malmo in the Europa League, which if taken seriously is another path into the Champions League. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!


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