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Champions League Quarter-Final 2nd Leg Preview

Nervy games all over!

Juventus (1) vs. (1) Ajax

Juventus go into this game having an away goal but suffered a loss to SPAL in the league during the weekend. Ajax go into the game having thrashed Excelsior 6-2 in the Eredivisie. Ajax have plenty of talent in their squad to achieve something in Turin but it is a tough game for both sides and on paper one would think that Juventus would just edge into the semis. 

Barcelona (1) vs. (0) Man United

Barcelona drew against Huesca during the weekend and United barely managed a win against West Ham. Barcelona got an away goal in Manchester and while there is always a possibility that United could cause a shock this probably will not happen. Barcelona are at home and it should be a straightforward win for the Catalonian side and progression to the semi-finals. 

Man City (0) vs. (1) Tottenham

Tottenham managed a brilliant win against City in the first leg but similar to last season Tottenham will find it harder to win the 2nd leg with City at home. The teams won at the weekend but face each other in the league this weekend and so squad rotation will be a must. Kane and Alli are injured and so Tottenham do have their backs agains the wall even though they have a goal. If Tottenham score then things could get interesting otherwise City should really reach the semis. 

FC Porto (0) vs. (2) Liverpool

Liverpool got a solid win against Porto at home and then got another impressive win against Chelsea in the league and so they travel to Lisbon with momentum behind them. Porto won their league game as well but really Liverpool should have both feet in the semis once the game is done. 

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