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Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg Review

Never give up!

Liverpool 4 (4) vs. (3) 3 Barcelona

Comeback no 1 came to us from Liverpool as the reds stared at the almost impossible task of coming back from 3-0 down to Barcelona. Liverpool got off to a flying start as they pinned back Barcelona with their pressing and the crowd cheered every Liverpool players move while jeered the every Barcelona players move. Origi scored the opener in the 7th minute and it looked like Liverpool would run riot but Barcelona held on. Robertson was injured in the 1st half and so Wijnaldum was brought off the bench in the 2nd. Wijnaldum then scored a goal in the 54th and 56th minute to bring Liverpool back into the tie with a 3-0 lead. Liverpool would still need to win the tie and stop Barcelona from conceding and in the 79th minute Origi popped up too head in the winner for Liverpool. The fans went ballistic the ex players went ballistic Klopp and co went ballistic as Liverpool made sure that they would be heading for their 2nd consecutive Champions League final. Liverpool’s performance was a masterclass in gegen pressing and was a portrayal of what Klopp represents. Barcelona on the other hand need to be asked questions after an astoundingly poor performance 2 years in a row. I have said it since last year Barcelona are Messi and nothing without him at the moment. 

Ajax 2 (3) vs. (3) 3 Tottenham

Comeback two and in my opinion the more amazing one came to us from Amsterdam as Tottenham faced a tight game made even tougher with a poor first half performance. Ajax dominated the first half of the game as they hit the post several times but also scored in the 5th minute via De Ligt, and the 35th minute via Ziyech. Ajax went into the 2nd half with a 3-0 lead on aggregate. Tottenham though did not give up and came out with an other worldly spirit as they took the game to Ajax. Moura scored the first goal in the 55th minute and then equalised for Tottenham in the 59th minute. With two away goals in the bag Tottenham knew that if they scored one more then they would got through on away goals. Ajax though stayed strong but in the 96th minute with the final kick of the game Moura completed his hattrick, Tottenham ensured their place in the final and Moura forever became a Tottenham legend. Tottenham have had an up and down season and my bias is that I don’t want them to win the Champions League but from a neutrals perspective they showed great grit and desire to reach the final. Ajax unlike Barcelona were great over both legs and perhaps the experience let them down in the end. Ajax should be more than proud of what they have accomplished this season, beating the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus was no easy feat and for that they will forever be remembered. Tottenham head to Madrid to face Liverpool in an all English final. 

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