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Welcome Lampard Head Coach of Chelsea Football Club

What we knew for sometime finally came to pass!

After about a month of knowing that Lampard would become the Chelsea Head Coach the club finally announced it and revealed Lampard on Thursday. Lampard signs a three year deal with the club and brings back Jody Morris. Joe Edwards and Eddie Newton are promoted to the first team set up from within the club. Add Petr Cech, and the possible additions of Makelele and Drogba and Chelsea have a staff full of experience leading the club next season. 

In a video released along with the announcement Lampard could not contain his joy of becoming the head coach but he made it clear that while the emotion was great that they could not dwell on it. In the video Lampard made it clear that he wants to implement an attractive style of football and create his own identity while also making sure that youth play a major part. Lampard stated that the youth should feel that if they play well and work hard then they can move into the first team setup. Chelsea also held a press conference later in the day where Lampard gave much of the same answers. In regard to experience Lampard had to say that while he might only have one year in management collectively his staff had several and so it would not be a cause for concern. Lampard stated that he is a realist and that while it might seem that Chelsea would have lesser expectations for the coming season for him that was not the case. Lampard made it clear that for Chelsea they always have to play to win and goals like top four need to be mandatory no matter the circumstances. Lampard said that the squad was good enough for making the top four and that it was a good blend between experience and youth. Lampard also said that all the players would be starting with a clean slate and that over the next month they would decide who stays in the squad and who goes out on loan. 

Lampard said that this is the biggest challenge in his career but he also made sure that everyone knew that he was more than up for it. For Chelsea fans it’s an exciting time while the road ahead is not smooth and there is plenty of competition around the one thing that is clear is that the fans are united behind Lampard. Lampard starts work on Friday as the first friendly will be played in Ireland on the 10th.






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