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David Luiz Leaves For Arsenal


As deadline day approached most Chelsea fans expected it to be a quite one where players like Drinkwater, Bakayoko etc left the club on loan or permanently. Wednesday night brought a punch from nowhere as news broke that David Luiz was looking to move to Arsenal. At first most Chelsea fans including me laughed it off as the source was L’Equipe and the idea of Luiz leaving in such an important season was inconceivable. Then Matt Law from the Telegraph confirmed the news and eventually information started to trickle in detailing how Luiz was throwing tantrums and having bust ups since he was dropped to the bench. Lampard apparently made it clear to Luiz that going forward he would be the 4th choice centre back and so would see little game time in the Premier League. Luiz chose not to stay and mentor the younger players and then on Thursday completed a move to Arsenal. 

There are two perspectives to take in, David Luiz’s perspective and the fans and the club’s perspective. Lampard stating that Luiz would be 4th choice or he would have to fight for his place against younger centre back’s with more potential would throw doubts into Luiz’s mind. Luiz still has a couple of seasons in him and moving to Arsenal where he has no competition when it comes to starting must have been a no brainer to him. The fan perspective and my perspective is that Chelsea have a ban, at 32 Luiz was one of the senior players having been part of that night in Munich in 2012. Luiz was a likeable character amongst the younger players and older players and at times was a leader on the pitch. Terry didn’t leave the club under Conte when Terry also had a couple of seasons of football in him. Luiz leaving leaves a bitter taste for all those reasons, but he chose his own future over the club and so left. 

Luiz is a legend he has given a lot to the club and really anyone part of that night in Munich should be fondly remembered by Chelsea fans. Does him leaving to Arsenal in these circumstances leave a bitter taste and diminish that status? Yes. Arsenal get a good defender who going forward should provide a lot but at the back hopefully he has one of those playstation season’s that Rio talked about. 





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