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Weekend Football Preview

The final weekend of the 19/20 season!

Premier League MW 38

Leicester vs. Man United

All games will be played at the same time and United travel to Leicester as they sit 3rd in the table while Leicester sit 5th. A win for Leicester would take them into the top four, while a draw would be enough if Chelsea lost. A win for United would secure 3rd while a draw would be enough regardless of the result at Chelsea. Neither team can afford to lose while Leicester can’t play for the draw because the Chelsea game will be happening at the same time. United can’t go into the game looking for a draw because they could lose. Leicester have nothing to lose and everything to gain they haven’t played well recently but it’s basically a cup final. United need top four for their transfer aspirations so the stakes are high on either side. I have a feeling Leicester are going to end their season with 3 points. United won the reverse fixture 1-0.

Southampton vs. Sheffield United

12th vs. 8th as Southampton welcome Sheffield on the final day. The two teams will want to finish as high as possible for revenue purposes. Southampton can go into 11th but won’t drop below 12th while Southampton can’t go above 8th but could drop down to 10th with a loss. A game of pride between two teams in good form. Southampton won the reverse fixture 0-1. 

Newcastle vs. Liverpool

Neither team has much to play for as Newcastle sit 13th while Liverpool are hungover from Wednesday nights festivities. Newcastle can drop down to 14th with a loss but can’t go higher than 13th. Liverpool will be looking to reach 99 points. An open game. Liverpool won the reverse fixture 3-1. 

West Ham vs. Aston Villa

A massive game for Villa as they take on West Ham who secured safety against United. West Ham sit 15th and that’s the highest they can go although a loss could see them drop down to 16th. Villa are out of the relegation zone on goal difference and a win would most likely keep them safe. A draw could be enough if Watford lose or draw and the same can be said for Bournemouth. A loss for Villa would then go down to the mathematics of goal difference. Everything to lose for Villa. The reverse fixture was a 0-0 draw. 

Burnley vs. Brighton

Burnley sit 9th as they take on 16th placed Brighton. Burnley can go up to 8th with a win while they can drop to 10th with a loss. Brighton can go up to 15th with a win but won’t drop below 16th with a loss. A bit of a nothing game but Burnley are in better form. The reverse fixture was a 1-1 draw. 

Arsenal vs. Watford

A big London derby for Watford as they fight for survival against Arsenal who sit 10th. Watford sit 18th on goal difference and a win would see them reach safety if Villa dropped points or Watford scored more goals than Villa. A draw would be enough for Watford if Villa lost while a loss would be enough if Bournemouth lost and Villa lost by a big margin against West Ham. Arsenal can go up to 8th but won’t drop below 10th but will want to end their season with a win. A massive game for Watford but Arsenal should win. The reverse fixture was a 2-2 draw. 

Man City vs. Norwich

Norwich beat City at the beginning fo the season and looked very good for it but cut to the last game City are comfortably 2nd while Norwich are relegated and rock bottom. A nothing game that both teams will want to win and have nothing to lose. Norwich won the reverse fixture 3-2. 

Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham

Another London derby with Tottenham being the team with something to lose. Palace are 14th and they can go as high as 13th while they won’t drop below 14th. Tottenham sit 7th as they look to reach 6th. A win for Spurs and a loss or draw for Wolves would be enough for Spurs. A draw for Spurs would be enough if Wolves lose. A loss would not be enough for Spurs. Mourinho want’s the Europa League and Tottenham have been good recently so expect them to win. Tottenham won the reverse fixture 4-0. 

Everton vs. Bournemouth

Everton sit 11th and that is as high as they can go while they can drop to 12th with a loss. Bournemouth sit 19th as they cling on to some hope of safety. For Bournemouth to be safe they need to beat Everton and hope both Villa and Watford lose their games. It’s very clear for the Cherries and that should help them try to get the result they need. A game to keep an eye on. Bournemouth won the reverse fixture 3-1. 

Serie MW 36

AC Milan vs. Atalanta

Milan sit 6th in the table while Atalanta sit 2nd in the table. Milan can go into 5th with a win while Atalanta can go to within 3 points of Juventus if they win. It is a big game for both teams as one looks to secure Europa League football while the other looks to challenge for the title. Atalanta won the reverse fixture 5-0.

Brescia vs. Parma

Brescia having already been relegated have nothing to lose as they take on Parma who sit 12th and don’t have much to play for either other than finishing in the top 10. Parma should win this game. The reverse fixture was a 1-1 draw.

Genoa vs. Inter Milan

Genoa sit 17th and 4 points above the relegation zone while Inter sit 3rd 7 points behind Juventus. Genoa can seal safety if they win this game and Lecce lose while Inter’s title hopes hang on a thread. A big game for both teams. Inter won the reverse fixture 4-0. 

Napoli vs. Sassuolo

7th vs. 8th as Napoli take on Sassuolo. Napoli are looking to get into the Europa League as they sit 3 points behind Milan while Sassuolo can go no further than 8th. A big game for Napoli with Sassuolo playing well. Napoli won the reverse fixture 1-2.

Bologna vs. Lecce

Bologna sit 11th as they look to finish in the top 10 while Lecce sit 18th as they look to keep their survival hopes alive. Lecce need to win as they 4 points behind Genoa while a loss could see them relegated if Genoa win. A massive game for the away team. Bologna won the reverse fixture 2-3. 

AS Roma vs. Fiorentina

Roma sit 5th and win would guarantee them Europa League football if Napoli drop points while Fiorentina sit 10th as they look to stay in the top 10. An interesting game which Roma should win. Roma won the reverse fixture 1-4. 

Cagliari vs. Udinese

13th vs. 15th as Cagliari take on Udinese. Cagliari are safe as they look to finish as high as possible while Udinese are 7 points clear and a win would also seal their safety. Not much at stake but a win for Udinese would remove any doubts. Udinese won the reverse fixture 2-1. 

Verona vs. Lazio

9th placed Verona are looking to maintain their top 10 place as they take on 4th placed Lazio who have had some tough weeks of late. An interesting game with neither team having anything to lose. The reverse fixture was a 0-0 draw. 

SPAL vs. Torino

Relegated SPAL take on 16th placed Torino with Torino 6 points above the relegation zone. A win for Torino would guarantee their safety while SPAL have nothing to lose. SPAL won the reverse fixture 1-2.

Juventus vs. Sampdoria

Juventus could have all but sealed the title with a win midweek but they missed their chance. They go again as they take on 14th placed Sampdoria. Juventus sit 6 points clear and win would seal them the title while a drop of points would make the situation interesting. Juventus won the reverse fixture 1-2. 

Coupe De France Final

Paris Saint Germain vs. St.Etienne

Ligue 1 was cancelled after the Covid pandemic and so football finally returns to France as PSG play St.Etienne in the Coup De France final. The two teams have been having a pre season of sorts in which PSG have wiped out the teams they have played against. St.Etienne will be wary and while they have quality PSG will be looking to add another title. An interesting game, that PSG will probably win.


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