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Chelsea 2 vs. 5 West Brom MW 30 Review

Welcome to the Premier League Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea took on 19th placed West Brom on Saturday evening in what seemed would be a straight forward win for Tuchel and team. That did not go as planned though and West Brom turned out to be Chelsea’s kryptonite for the 2nd time this season. The team selected was fairly strong with Mendy in goal, Azpilicueta, Silva, and Zouma making up the back 3 while Reece James and Alonso started as the wing backs. Kovacic, and Jorginho started in the middle with Pulisic, Ziyech and Werner starting up front. Some key players rested on the bench with Porto during the week but a team that should have won this game. 

West Brom from the get go seemed like they had a bone to pick with Chelsea as they pressed unlike themselves and caused some problems to the Blues. It was an open game with both teams creating chances on either end. West Brom’s flat back 5 meant that Chelsea had to be creative and we probably didn’t need to play a back 3 against them. The first goal came in the 27th minute after Pulisic got a free kick. Alonso took the free kick which hit the post and Pulisic converted the rebound. Happy days with Captain America scoring and looking good in those opening 30 minutes. 2 minutes later though Silva was sent off for a non foul which was given a 2nd yellow which mean that Chelsea were down to 10 men. Pereira then equalised for West Brom right before half time while he then managed to add a 2nd before the whistle blew. With a blink of an eye Chelsea were facing an uphill task to West Brom once again. 

What happens with Chelsea in these situations happened again as Robinson and Diagne made it 1-4 by the 70th minute. Werner then managed to assist Mount who made it 2-4 in the 71st minute but other than that West Brom were comfortable. Robinson got the final goal in extra time as West Brom got a big win against us. West Brom go 5 points behind Fulham as they try to get  out the relegation zone. 

Chelsea Team Review


Mendy suffers his first big loss and I really can’t blame him for any of the goals. The goals were well taken and our defence was cut open for each goal. Just a case of forgetting the game and moving on for Mendy. 


The passing was sloppy and West Brom turned out to be Silva’s kryptonite for the 2nd game this season. A poor performance overall this weekend the whole defence just looked off the pace. An anomaly though because we had been a wall for 14 games so more than anything it’s how these players bounce back rather than dwelling over this game. 


Kovacic and Jorginho were poor during the 1st half and Jorginho especially didn’t have a great game. Kovacic turned up in the 2nd half and going forward he was the lynchpin that created many of the attacks for Chelsea. Ziyech was decent in the 1st half but came off early after the red card and was replaced by Christensen. Mount came on at half time as well and got the goal but the fluidity was missing. 


Pulisic was great for those opening 30 minutes and was all over the frontline but he was brought off at half time after feeling tightness in his hamstring. Werner was ok and got the assist for the 2nd goal as he continues to be a threat even when playing poorly. Havertz came on in the 2nd half but it was too little too late. 


Tuchel will learn more from this loss than he did over his previous 14 games. It’s a case of bouncing back now and you can be assured Tuchel will bounce back. It’s not time to dwell on it. 

It’s a big few months ahead for Chelsea and we need to pick ourselves up and move on. Porto up next in the Champions League and that will be a test as well. COME ON CHELSEA!!!

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