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Euro 2020 Day 6 Review

Italy are through!

Group A

Turkey 0 vs. 2 Wales

This was a weird game. Highly entertaining in that it was frantic and chaotic totally lacked fluidity or any real quality. It was like watching an inferior league but with famous players. Ramsey had quite a few chances to give Wales the lead but finally managed it after a brilliant pass from Bale in the 42nd minute. Roberts then made it 2 in the 95th minute to secure the victory. Turkey having all that quality have just not been up to the races. Turkey’s goal difference has really taken a hit and with zero points they can still finish 3rd but even then they might not make the play offs. So it seems its curtains on Turkey. Wales sit 2nd with 4 points and 3 ahead of Switzerland. Wales have all but secured 2nd unless there is a massive swing in goal difference in the final games. 

Italy 3 vs. 0 Switzerland

Locatelli gave Italy the lead in the 26th minute as he played a brilliant ball out to Berardi and then ran into the box to finish off the pass. Locatelli then made it two in the 52nd minute as he smashed in a left footed shot from out of the box. Immobile in then made it 3 in the 89th minute as he also smashed a shot from outside the box. It was a dominant performance from Italy and Switzerland had no real chance at winning the game. Italy become the first team to confirm a place in the round of 16 and now they need to ensure they finish 1st in the group. 

Group B

Finland 0 vs. 1 Russia

Miranchuk scored the only goal of the game right before half time to give Russia the lead and eventually the win. Finland played well but couldn’t score the goal. Russia move into 2nd on goal difference while Finland drop into 3rd. It’s still an open group and the other two teams still have to play their game. 

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