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Euro 2020 Round of 16 Day 1 Preview

Let the knockout’s begin!

Wales vs. Denmark

Wales finished 2nd in their group winning 1 losing 1 and drawing 1 while Denmark finished 2nd as well losing their first two games and then winning the final one emphatically. Wales have a decent team and had to fight hard for their wins while Denmark suffered greatly in their first game which game added purpose to bounce back and win in the end. Denmark fans along with probably everyone bar Wales fans will be supporting the Danes in this game. Wales I feel will be up against it because Denmark did look really good in their final game. It will be close but I feel Denmark will go through. 

Italy vs. Austria

Italy won all three group games comfortably and so far are the most consistent and in form team in the league. Austria finished 2nd in their group winning 2 of their 3 games. Austria did well to get through but Italy are dominant and they look too good to lose no reach the next stage. Austria will give it a go but Italy should reach the next round. 

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