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Euro 2020 Round of 16 Day 1 Review

Two great games to start off!

Wales 0 vs. 4 Denmark

Wales started this game off well as they put pressure on Denmark but the Danes grew into the game. The first goal came in the 27th minute as Dolberg made space outside the box and curled in a beautiful effort. The 2nd goal came in the 48th minute after a poor clearance from Neco Williams found Dolberg in the box and he smashed it to double the lead. Denmark held onto the lead as Wales offered very little in return. Maehle then made it 3 in the 88th minute while Braithwaite sealed the win with a 4th in the 94th minute. It was massive win for Denmark in a professional manner as they move onto the quarter-finals. The major difference between the Danes and Wales was that the Welsh got caught in the emotion. After going a goal down Wales felt deflated and they began to lose their head as the game went on. No one could really cope with the pressure and bar Bale who also lost his head there was no leader to grab them and pull them through. Wales will be back in the World Cup but Denmark showed what it takes to win.

Italy 2 vs. 1 Austria

Over 90 minutes this game was dominated by one team and that was Austria. Italy stayed strong defensively as the defence and Donnarumma made some good blocks and saves. Austria did manage to score in regular time but Arnautovic was ruled offside. As the game went into extra time the first goal came in the 95th minute as Chiesa off the bench made it 1-0 for Italy with a fantastic shot. Pessina did the same in the 105th minute but from the left hand side to make it 2-0. Kalajdzic got one back for Austria in the 114th minute with a brilliant header at the near post but Italy held on for the win. Italy won’t play as poorly as they did in this game for the rest of the Euros but they held on and thats whats needed for potential champions. Austria fought hard but the depth and quality available to Italy was far superior. 

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