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Euro 2020 Round of 16 Day 2 Preview

Two tough games!

Netherlands vs. Czech Republic

Netherlands topped their group winning 3/3 of their games while the Czech Republic finished 3rd in their group but went through as one of the best 3rd placed teams. These are two evenly matched teams in my eyes although in terms of quality Netherlands have the upper hand. Netherlands should go through but they do tent to concede goals and the Czech Republic will know with Schick up front anything is possible. 

Belgium vs. Portugal

Belgium were also one of the teams that won 3/3 group games in quiet comfortable fashion. Belgium also only conceded 1 goal. Portugal finished 3rd in their group and went through as one of the 3rd placed teams. Portugal conceded 6 goals and looked far from great in their games. Belgium look like more of a team with the likes of De Bruyne, Lukaku, and Hazard picking up form. Portugal look like Ronaldo + others. Portugal are the reigning champions so they have the experience but Belgium I feel have the quality to go through. It’s now or never for Belgium to prove they can reach the latter stages while for Portugal it all depends on Ronaldo. 

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