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Chelsea 20/21 Keep, Sell, Loan: Forwards

Weak link.

If there was a weak area in Chelsea’s squad for the 20/21 season it was up top. No striker reached 10 goals domestically and I don’t think any of them even reached 7 in the league. It is the area Chelsea are missing a key player in.


Hakim Ziyech

Ziyech was the first signing under Lampard and everyone was very excited. The Wizard of Amsterdam, and while he showed glimpses too many things did not go his way in 20/21. Ziyech was injured in pre-season against Brighton and missed the first 4 games. Ziyech made his first start in the 7th game in which he got a goal and assist and he started the next getting 2 assists. Ziyech then suffered a hip injury which kept him out for 5 games. Under Lampard, Ziyech only started 7 games in the league mainly due to injury. Under Tuchel, Ziyech was fit but no wingers needed for Tuchel’s formation it meant that Ziyech saw his minutes cut short. Ziyech started 7 games under Tuchel but only managing one goal although it was a crucial one in our 2-1 win against City. A total of 23 appearances in the league with 2 goals and 3 assists leaves much to be improved on. In the Champions League Ziyech, 1 game under Tuchel and he got a crucial goal against Atletico in it. Ziyech also got 2 goals and an assist in the FA Cup as well including the match winning goal against City in the semis. There are rumours that Ziyech maybe loaned out or sold with interest from AC Milan, but in my opinion it would be a terrible mistake. Ziyech is 28 and much like all the other signings he had a tough time adjusting due to different reasons. Pre-season will be key for Ziyech and if Tuchel switches formations that can allow Ziyech to thrive in then it will be great for him. The experience, trickery and that left foot are needed at Chelsea, and Ziyech deserves another chance. KEEP. 

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Callum had another poor season because his chances were limited. Where other’s suffered due to injury Hudson-Odoi suffered just out of not getting selected. Hudson-Odoi had a good pre-season but started only 4 games under Lampard in the league. Under Tuchel he was deployed at right wing-back initially but when Reece James nudged him down the pecking order and Azpilicueta nudged him further down. Callum started the first 3 games under Tuchel but only started 3-4 of the next 15 games. In total CHO made 23 appearances in the league scoring 2 goals and assisting 3. In total he made 37 appearances for Chelsea scoring 5 and assisting 5. I believe Hudson-Odoi can be one of the most creative players in Chelsea’s squad he has the talent for sure. What Callum needs is game time and he won’t get that at Chelsea at the moment. When Hudson-Odoi signed a new contract in 2018 he also got a 6 figure wage which wasn’t deserved. It has ruled him out of several potential loans because no one is willing to pay those wages. CHO needs a loan if he is to improve because I would keep every other player above him at the moment. Young and full of potential, a loan is needed. LOAN. 

Christian Pulisic

Pulisic like our other wingers had a mixed bag of a season but similar to Ziyech he had some great moments to look back on. Pulisic yet again started the season with an hamstring injury missing the first 3 games. He made his first start in the 5th game but was soon out for 3 games once again. In total Christian started 10 games under Lampard but only managed 1 goal in a poor first half to the season. Under Tuchel, he was dropped initially mainly because Tuchel knew the impact that Pulisic had off the bench as he had coached the American at Dortmund. Christian made his first start under Tuchel in Chelsea’s 7th league game under the new manager. A double against Palace followed soon after. Pulisic went on to start most of the remaining league games as well, starting 7 of the last 8. 27 appearances in the league with 4 goals and 2 assists did not come close to the impact of the first season. In the Champions League though Pulisic did make an impact especially against Real Madrid. A goal in the 1st leg and an assist in the 2nd leg were crucial to get Chelsea to the final. A total of 43 appearances with 6 goals and 4 assist leaves room for improvement. Pulisic is going nowhere and following winning the Champions League he has gone on to win a trophy with the US as well as their captain. What Pulisic needs to do for next season is stay fit and thankfully he looks fitter under Tuchel. A change of formation could be great for Christian because he needs that width and space but I have no doubt it’s a big season ahead for the American. The impact is clear to see whether he starts or comes off the bench. KEEP. 


Timo Werner

Did Timo Werner live up to expectations in his first season as a Chelsea player? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that we have got a top class player who is intelligent with great speed and just an amazing mentality which keeps him going no matter how many times he is brought down. No in the sense that his goal scoring problems were one of Chelsea’s biggest problems. Werner enjoyed game time under both managers making a total of 52 appearances for Chelsea scoring 12 goals and assisting 15. On the face of it is really not a bad debut season. In his first 10 games he scored 4 goals and made 3 assists which was not bad. Werner then 14 games without a goal in the league which although he had plenty of ruled out VAR goals and misses during that period. Under Tuchel Werner usually played as one of the two front men and he managed two goals but got 7 assists which was great to see. Werner got an assist against Atletico and a goal against Real Madrid as well. Werner’s movement was key in making space for Kai to run through and score the Champions League winner. Tuchel accepted that Timo had goal scoring issues that were mainly due to confidence. There was plenty of try but the luck just didn’t seem to be there for Timo this season. The movement, pace and drive were all on point. Werner is a crucial player for Chelsea without a doubt. Chelsea will probably go and get a top class out and out striker and while it may see Werner’s minutes reduced I expect him to have a way better season, especially playing alongside a more traditional striker. Timo’s attitude has won most Chelsea fans over and I genuinely really hope he bags plenty of goals in 21/22 for Chelsea because no one deserves it more. KEEP. 

Tammy Abraham

Tammy really did have a season of two halves at Chelsea. Under Lampard Tammy made 9 starts scoring 6 goals and assisting 2 in the league. Under Tuchel he missed 5 games due to an ankle injury and started 2 of the 13 games he was available for with no goals or assists. It’s safe to say that Tuchel didn’t like what he saw from Tammy and we really don’t have a clear reason. Tammy still made 32 appearances for Chelsea scoring 12 goals and assisting 6. I think Tammy is a good striker but the fact that Chelsea are actively going after a Haaland or Lukaku means that there is no real space for Tammy in the squad. An offer is available for Tammy to extend his contract and no one is pushing him out of the club. If Tammy stays he will have to fight it out with potentially a player that will play week in week out. West Ham are interested and maybe Chelsea could leverage him in a deal for Rice. I personally would keep Tammy if we get don’t manage to get a top striker rather than buy some mediocre one. If we do a sign one of the two mentioned strikers that Tammy needs to go for his own good. SELL?. 

Olivier Giroud

Giroud was never going to start week in week out this season and he didn’t. Giroud’s crowning achievements this year once again came in the cup but the biggest cup of all in the Champions League. 4 goals against Sevilla at Sevilla will always be an amazing performance while that bicycle kick against Atletico won goal of the year at Chelsea. A total of 31 appearances with 11 goals this season. Giroud’s time at Chelsea is most likely up as he looks to play regularly elsewhere. AC Milan are interested and a deal should be struck. All I can say about Oli is thank you. Giroud has been a clutch signing since joining in 2017 and he has gone on to win an FA Cup, a Europa League and a Champions League, crucial in all three competitions. A legend in my eyes. 





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