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Saul Signs For Chelsea On Loan

A season long loan with an option to buy!

As deadline day began Chelsea had to objectives to complete. One objective though began to take precedence over the other in the week leading up to deadline day. Kante’s injury at Liverpool meant that we were down to two midfielders again and needed another one. Kounde was the other target although Sevilla broke a verbal agreement on a fee and decided to raise the price and Chelsea decided to not match it. With that the midfield target took centre stage.

The long term target has always been Declan Rice but West Ham slapped a 100 million fee on him no club was going to pay that this summer. Next up was Tchouameni but Chelsea had reservations on whether the 21 year old was ready for the Premier League and so we decided to avoid him. Saul then became available and it was a rollercoaster ride of a final day for him. 

Going into the 31st of August many reputed journalists had said that Saul would probably be staying at Atletico. Chelsea kept a channel open though and around midday news broke that talks had begun again. The negotiations started and Saul’s insistence to move to London meant that Chelsea could get a deal with Atletico. Atletico would go on to use the free wages on getting Griezmann back. Two minutes before the deadline Saul signed the contract and became a Chelsea player. Chelsea are paying 5 million Euros as the loan fee with an option to buy for around 40 million pounds. It is a very good deal for a 26 year old midfielder who 2 years ago was one of the best midfielders in Europe.

Saul’s career over the last two seasons had left him frustrated in Madrid. Simeone had begun to play Saul in various positions and while the player pulled a shift it impacted his form and saw him eventually drop out of contention. Saul is a combative midfielder who can defend but also progress the ball. Long range passing might not be his strong suit but he likes to play out from the midfield and also likes arriving late in the box. Saul is a perfect addition to the midfield and I think he might be able to allow Chelsea to play with a 2-3-1 pivot if Tuchel wants to. I will write more on what Saul can bring to Chelsea and what he could potentially do better than Kante, Kovacic, and Jorginho. 

A top signing, welcome to Chelsea!!!





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